When olive oil is combined with lemon, not only its flavor is multiplied, but also its benefits and properties.

Taking olive oil with lemon can bring great benefits to our health. The healthy fatty acids of oil add to the antioxidant power of vitamin C, making a healthy combination to combat constipation, symptoms of hangovers or to help lower blood cholesterol.

Aware of the perfect symbiosis between both products, we created D-Limonene, an extra virgin olive oil, enriched with lemon, which makes it an ideal product for cooking white meats and grilled fish. It is also indicated in the preparation of homemade sweets and in the dressing of tasty salads. The combination of olive oil and lemon make it a very healthy product to combat digestive and liver problems:

Liver detoxification

Lemon is one of the best foods to detoxify the liver, given mainly because it reduces cholesterol levels in the liver. These effects can be enhanced in combination with olive oil.

Improvement of the circulatory system

Lemon contains hesperidin, an antioxidant capable of preventing the appearance of varicose veins, hemorrhoids and in general to improve circulation. When it is combined with olive oil, rich in mono-ingested acids and vitamin K (necessary for the blood coagulation process), the benefits are also maximized.

Relief of constipation

Mainly on an empty stomach, the combination of extra virgin olive oil with lemon helps in the relief of constipation. It also facilitates digestion in people who have disorders associated with slow digestions resulting or not from copious meal.