Black garlic

Black Garlic is a variation of traditional white garlic, which is subjected to a natural fermentation process, which will turn it into a superfood, since some of the properties of traditional garlic are intensified as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and act as a natural antibiotic.

In addition, it has several antioxidant properties and improves the respiratory system.

This superfood is very nutritious due to its content of iodine, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C.

Black garlic recipes

Black garlic can be added to the most traditional recipes as a substitute for white garlic or even consumed directly since its smell and taste are more pleasant. It has the advantage that it does not leave bad breath, does not cause digestive discomfort, nor does it recur due to its controlled maturation process.

How is black garlic used?

Black garlic is one more ingredient in your kitchen to awaken your creative capacity. Here are some recommended uses in the kitchen:

  • Bread toast base with endless ingredients.
  • Add it rolled over sautéed vegetables, vichyssoise-type sauces.
  • Mayonnaise, sauce, aioli.
  • Sautéed legumes.
  • Fish with black garlic sauce.
  • Stuffed croquettes.

Properties of black garlic

Black garlic, made up of remarkable substances and nutrients for health such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, has many health benefits:


Antimicrobial activity

Good immune stimulant

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Prevention of migraines

Improvement of the respiratory system.

Good natural energizer

Products with black garlic

More about benefits of black garlic

1) Antioxidant

Black garlic has between 5-7 times more polyphenols (compounds considered anticancer) than fresh garlic doubles its ability to trap free radicals, agents that can damage cells.

This antioxidant power of black garlic benefits the delay of cellular aging, the appearance of degenerative and chronic diseases.

2)  Good immune stimulant

Its antioxidant richness makes it a good immune stimulant.

Black garlic is especially rich in phenolic compounds with antioxidant action. It also provides other high-value antioxidant substances such as flavonoids, and vitamin C.

3)  Antimicrobial activity

It is considered a great natural antibiotic, like fresh garlic, so it is useful for preventing colds and some other infections.

The action against the bacteria that cause these infections is due to the mixture of some of its components (allicin, ajoenes …) as shown by some studies.

4)  Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The contribution of allicin and garlic in garlic helps to control blood cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation, helps maintain good blood pressure levels and decreases platelet aggregation, as shown in some clinical trials.

5)  Prevention of migraine

The vasodilator substances contained in black garlic can also influence and help reduce headaches and migraines.

By facilitating circulation, it improves headaches due to insufficient blood flow.

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