The strawberry is a bright red, tasty and aromatic fruit that is obtained from the plant that receives the same name. In the West it is considered the “queen of fruits”. It has excellent properties that help preserve health. They are fruits low in fat and calories, and a good source of fiber that contain antioxidants.

It can be eaten raw or it can be eaten in compote, jam, …. When it comes to enhancing the flavour, we can add a pinch of ground pepper or vinegar.

What are the benefits of strawberry?

Source of vitamin C
Antioxidant effect
Strengthens bones
Ideal for losing weight
Products with strawberry

More about strawberry benefits

1) Source of vitamin C.

Six strawberries provide 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C for children. Vitamin C helps fight wrinkles since with it we produce collagen. Being an antioxidant it helps to strengthen the immune system

2) Antioxidant effect.

Strawberries contain a large amount of substances with antioxidant effects such as flavonoids (anthocyanin, the vegetable pigment responsible for the colour of the fruit), vitamin E, vitamin C and citric acid, which enhance their action. Antioxidants fight free radicals that damage our body.

3) Anti-inflammatory.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, strawberries “lower blood levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a substance that indicates inflammation in the body. High CRP levels are associated with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease. Those who take strawberries are 14% less likely to have high levels of this protein ”

4) Strengthens the bones.

Strawberries contain potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K, all important nutrients for bone health. It has a large amount of folic acid, recommended for the proper development of the baby in pregnant women.

5) Ideal for losing weight

According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, it is one of the fruits with the lowest energy content, since they are essentially composed of water and only 7% of its content is carbohydrates, mainly glucose, fructose and xylitol.

Anthocyanin (the pigment that gives red fruits their color) limits the digestion of fats after meals. In addition, strawberry is a source of fiber and water, giving a feeling of satiety.

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